JV Biolabs utilizes human cell, tissue and organ culture models, human-mouse xenograft models and animal models to provide efficacy and safety data on compounds in pre-clinical and early clinical stages of development.

How Can We Help your Program? Utilize our technology for:

  • Early assessment of responses in human tissue (ex vivo)
  • Screening for therapeutic efficacy in human tissue
  • Early identification of potential toxicity / inflammation
  • Mechanistic studies related to efficacy and toxicity

We are a research company and can work with you to address drug development issues. 

JV Biolabs expertise encompasses:


JV Biolabs has sophisticated human skin organ culture models, human skin-scid mouse transplant/ xenograft models and additional animal models to address inflammatory and hyperplastic skin disease patho-physiology and treatment.

Our services can help you obtain early understanding of:

  • Drug efficacy
  • Drug-induced toxicity
  • Inflammatory changes and allergenicity
  • Mechanisms of action (for efficacy and toxicity)

Models are of use in studies related to:

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne, rosacea and atopic dermatitis
  • Auto-immune skin diseases
  • Drug-induced skin eruptions and generalized inflammation
  • Contact irritation / contact sensitivity
  • UV skin damage: Prevention and repair

Services of value in pre-clinical and clinical drug development:


Human skin organ culture in conjunction with animal models and cell culture models provides a unique perspective for understanding normal and abnormal wound healing as well as for understanding the fibrotic response in the skin.

Services of value in pre-clinical and clinical drug development: